#211: Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Being in a popular band is tough. Your fans are constantly demanding that you evolve your sound, but if the departure is too radical, they may revolt. So I understand the temptation to play it safe and follow a formula.


I’m looking at you, Foo Fighters.


But while the Beatles found success concluding each of their first two albums with electrifying rock cover tunes complete with incredible, throat-shedding vocals courtesy of John Lennon, when they tried to repeat that on their fifth LP, the results fell flat.

It’s not entirely the boys’ fault: as a composition, “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” isn’t anywhere near the same league as “Twist and Shout” or “Money.” They were hassled into recording this and another Larry Williams cover (“Bad Boy”) in order to expedite an album for the American market. But the question is…why “Dizzy Miss Lizzy”? There were dozens of better songs (originals and covers) in their repertoire to choose from. Plus, I just find the guitar sound grating. I guess it’s supposed to make you feel dizzy or something. Call me old-fashioned, but if I want to feel dizzy, I’ll just spin around like a jackass for a minute or two and then try to walk around.

#211: Dizzy Miss Lizzy